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Biochar’s Part in Producing an Alternative to Natural Gas

Hello biochar lovers! What follows are this week’s popular biochar related news stories.

Biochar’s Part in Producing an Alternative to Natural Gas

Syngas, or synthesis gas, is a gas that can be used as a fuel source. A company based in Washington has developed a method of biomass thermal technology to produce syngas. A byproduct of this production is biochar. The company hopes to open biochar reactors in PA, NJ and CA. Read the whole news article here.

How Can Biochar Keep the Planet Healthy?

Further proof that the biochar craze is sweeping the globe can be found in this blog article courtesy of The article asks a simple question: “Could what’s in this little container keep our planet healthy?” Give the article a read over here.

Heriot-Watt University gets Grant

How much biochar can you buy with £105,056? Apparently enough for a university in Edinburge to research carbon capture. Congrats to the Heriot-Watt University and best of luck with your research! Read about this new grant here.

Biochar’s Impact on World Hunger

An extremely in depth article about biochar can be found over at Live Trading News. The article touches on the pressing topic of world hunger and how biochar can help with that issue. Give the article a read here.

That’s all the biochar news we have for you this week. Thanks for reading!

International Biochar Standards Approved

Here are some interesting storys that happened this week in the world of biochar.

International Biochar Standards Approved

The good folks over at the International Biochar Initiative have just approved the first ever set of standards for biochar. This means that biochar producers will be able to officially stamp their biochar with a big bold IBI logo to prove that their ‘char is up to snuff with the real stuff. You can read the full press release by following the link here.

Stove & CHAB (Combined Heat And Biochar) Camp announced for Labor Day in TN

Tennessee biochar fans rejoice! The Farm Ecovillage Training Center located in Tennessee will be hosting a camp chock full of educational and informational courses and sessions. If you’re located in TN and always wanted to learn all there was to learn about biochar, this seems like a good chance. Follow this link to get pricing and details.

We’ve Been Blogged!

Big thanks to GardenerScott for the blog post featuring Soil Reef Biochar! We found your most recent post to be spectacularly awesome. In fact, we loved it so much that we re-blogged it. Keep us updated on your progress with Soil Reef!