Biochar Bob & the Char Alliance for the First Tier

Meet Biochar Bob. See Biochar Bob go. Go, Biochar Bob! Go!

Biochar Bob highlights some of the efforts of the Char Alliance for the First Tier (CAFT), an initiative co-founded by our parent company, The Biochar Company, to improve best practices for bringing biochar to the developing world. At the helm of CAFT is Carbon Roots International (CRI), whose board I’m proud to sit on, and who also produced the film. Carbon Roots has been hard at work getting biochar adoption in Haiti, and early results show a 29% crop yield increase in their test plots. I’ve been especially proud of how they take the time to really ensure that Haitians are actually using it—to the point where some villagers are teaching others how to use it, and it’s starting to spread to new villages.

Other CAFT partners include EcoFuel Africa, whose Sanga Moses is working to end deforestation in Uganda; and SeaChar, who are bringing biochar-producing cookstoves to Costa Rica.

Watch this, it’s a hopeful happy-time heart-melter:




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