Biochar Tested in Landfills as a Methane Containment Solution

A very exciting week in biochar. Check out these updates in this week’s roundup.

Not all biochar is created equal! Turns out, making the best biochar calls for a special procedure and a particular temp (450F to be exact). Here’s a fascinating news article about making the best biochar and the recent rise in popularity. Check it out here.

Yet another small gardener is chronicling her trials with biochar. Like many other bloggers, wellywoman is learning that biochar is a process that is millions of years old. Since it acts like a sponge for water, recent bloggers are discovering just how incredible this stuff really is. Follow her progress here.

Here is a great TED talk about “biochar and the future of farming”. In it, Josiah Hunt discusses how important biochar is in Hawaii. Not included is where he got that awesome shirt. Check it out here.

Hot off the presses is a release from the University of Illinois. In it, researchers are testing how effective biochar is against methane gasses in landfills. The theory is that biochar will oxygenate the soil around waste facilities and thereby contain methane leaks. Give the study a read here.

Thanks for reading, have a great week.

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