Biochar’s Role in the Hydrolysis of Bamboo

Biochar Under Cap-and-Trade

Biochar champions SBI (The Sonoma Biochar Initiative) is advocating the application of biochar under cap-and-trade fee investments. SBI asserts that the investments will help generate jobs within their communities. This article is heavy on the legal jargon but worth the read. Check it out here.

Biochar’s Role in the Hydrolysis of Bamboo

From the legal realm, we jump to the scientific arena. Here’s a newly published article about biochar sulfonic acid being used as a catalyst for hydrolysis in bamboo under microwave radiation. Those who remember chemistry class will know that hydrolysis is a chemical reaction where a compound is broken apart within the presence of water. This sounds like there is potential for great use in the field of agriculture. Read the study here.

Biochar Study Collection

Speaking of studies, Elsevier recently published a comprehensive list of papers centering on biochar. The papers range from the effects of biochar in certain types of soil to the avoidance of biochar by earthworms in dry soils. Some students should be able to log in if they have access to Elsevier’s system. Others will be required to pay to read the full papers but the site does offer concise summaries of each. Give them a gander here.

2012 US Biochar Conference in CA

Just a reminder that the 2012 US Biochar Conference is approaching. The event is scheduled to take place from Jul 29 through August 1 in Rohnert Park, CA. Find all the details about the event here.

Biochar Blog

Finally, we just discovered a great blog being updated by the University of British Columbia. You should check out their updates here.

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