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The Weekly Roundup: Biochar goes to College and more

If you’re in the NY area, be sure to check out Bard College. A division of the school called the Center for Environmental Policy is offering biochar-based classes beginning in January of 2012. The best part? They are open to the public. Educate yourself! Find more about Bard’s CEP here.

Here is a series of entertaining YouTube videos displaying the results of using biochar. The videos come courtesy of You can check out their website here.

This insanely informative article comes from the blog. Give it a read if you have a moment. You can follow @earthaction on Twitter.

Finally, the International Biochar Initiative have drafted standardized guidelines for biochar usage. Have a look at them here and be sure to check out the scheduled live webinars at the bottom of the page.

Be healthy, everyone!

The Weekly Roundup: Biochar Takes Root in a Winery and More

How important is biochar in the eyes of National Geographic? Important enough to donate $140k to the International Biochar Initiative. The funds will benefit two projects: Estufa Finca in Costa Rica and the African Christians Organization Network (ACON) in Kenya. This display of generosity appears as a part of National Geographic’s Great Energy Challenge. Click here to read more about this story.

Speaking of awesome experiments, check out this blog from Gardenerd who just began their journey with biochar. Follow along and track the success of their garden. Be sure to follow @gardenerd1 on Twitter.

Biochar meets a wine vinyard. Enough said. Follow the winemaker @jkellyca on Twitter, too.

Finally, here is a fantastic article from the Geo-engineering blog about the advantages of using biochar as a gold standard for local currency supply. Check out that super informative illustration at the top of the page.

That’s all for now. Stay fresh!