Is Your Biochar Legit? The IBI knows.

Hello there. Here are this week’s top stories in biochar.

IBI Biochar Standards In a Nutshell

For the curious: in order to get the stamp of approval from the International Biochar Initiative on your product, your biochar must fall into the following criteria:

  • Class 1 biochar – >60% carbon
  • Class 2 biochar – 30-60% carbon
  • Class 3 biochar – 10-30% carbon

Check out the official biochar guidelines here (PDF).

CNN’s Take on Biochar

Someone recently blogged about Anderson Cooper’s segment on Biochar. The clip comes courtesy of CNN and is only about three minutes long. Give it a watch here.

Pigs & Biochar

Here’s an extremely interesting and in-depth article from our friends over at the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia. If the headline has piqued your curiosity, read the whole piece over on their blog.

A Great Biochar FAQ

You know all those questions you have about biochar? Fear not — and find answers to everything you ever wanted to know about biochar but were afraid to ask by going to this blog.

That’s all this week’s biochar news. Thanks for reading!

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