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Buy Soil Reef Biochar to participate in a tradition of soil-building that spans millennia.

Biochar is based on ancient Amazonian practices of adding charcoal to soil, rendering it incredibly fertile to this day. Soils in the Amazon Basin are known to be infertile, red, clay soils. By adding charcoal made from agricultural waste to their soil over the course of many years, these ancient peoples created terra preta, or "dark earth". The complex and beautiful civilizations described in the myth of El Dorado were actually not just myth — they were real, and biochar played a critical role in making them possible. To learn more about the fascinating history of biochar, watch the BBC documentary The Secret of El Dorado.

Giving Back to the Soil

The famously rich, black soils of Terra Preta were created by carefully tending the earth over many years. Modern day agricultural practices, including many of those inherited by backyard gardeners and houseplant lovers, forget that you must give back to the soil — you can't continue to take from it.

Becoming Part of the Solution

Soil Reef Biochar is inspired by the ancients' attention to soil building. By adding Soil Reef to your garden, lawn, or houseplants, you are participating in a tradition that spans millennia—and you are improving your plot of earth, leaving it better than you found it, for generations to come.