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How to Apply Soil Reef Biochar

If You’re Using Pure Biochar (2 week prep time)

Because biochar holds onto nutrients in the soil, it is best to add your biochar "fully charged" by inoculating it, so that it is adding to the total nutrient quotient of your soil.The easiest way to inoculate is to blend biochar with compost in a 50/50 ratio, then let it "age" for at least two weeks. This “primes” the biochar to preload it with freshly released nutrients and microbes.

The aging period allows time for the microbes to physically inhabit the biochar. During this time, the biochar’s color may change from shiny black to lusterless grey. Then spread 1/2" – 1" of this mixture over your soil and till it in 5” deep. If you’re adding it to a potting medium for houseplants, or for bushes or trees, use about 10-20% biochar mixture for your total volume.

We recommend using 5% by volume of Pure biochar. A one cubic foot bag of Soil Reef Pure biochar will cover approximately 48 square feet of garden space at 1/4" thickness applied to the surface of the soil. Feel free to experiment with adding more or less to your soil.

If you're Using Soil Reef Compost Blend (no prep required):

We recommend using 10% by volume of biochar blend. Spread 1/2" of Soil Reef Biochar blend over the surface of your garden area and till in 5" deep. A one cubic foot bag of Soil Reef Biochar Blend will cover approximately 24 square feet at this application rate. Feel free to experiment with adding more or less to your soil..

When to use Soil Reef

Anytime is a good time to start improving your soil; however, there are some more ideal times. Before spring planting, or in fall when preparing your garden for winter, are the best times to add Soil Reef™. However, there is no bad time to start a path to healthier soil and a healthier planet.

As a Chinese proverb states, "the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

How Often to Use Soil Reef

Since Soil Reef is a permanent soil amendment, one application can last a lifetime. However, additional, cumulative benefits can be seen by adding it year after year. The choice is up to you.