Industry Leaders Merge Under The Biochar Company Brand to Accelerate Biochar Market Growth, Social Impact and Carbon Drawdown

Berwyn, Pennsylvania – The Biochar Company and Biochar Solutions Inc. today announce the merger of their companies; two of the nation’s premier biochar businesses. “In an industry with challenging hurdles in product availability, distribution, and scalability, this merger creates a company uniquely positioned to overcome these barriers and deliver highly effective products to a wider client-base, at a lower price-point, while pioneering industry leading social impact initiatives”, said Jeff Wallin, The Biochar Company’s chief executive officer.

Wallin is energized to lead the combined company, which will continue to be named The Biochar Company (TBC) and be headquartered in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. This dynamic management team, which includes Morgan Williams, Biochar Solutions Inc.’s (BSI) co-founder and CEO, will guide industry leaders from both companies to tackle untapped market opportunities that solve today’s challenges in soil, water, and climate. Biochar, a porous charcoal product, is a natural substance, sustainably sourced from underutilized biomass that can last for hundreds to thousands of years in soil; hold water and nutrients; and catalyze biological and chemical environmental functions.

The Biochar Company has developed a line of Soil Reef™ branded biochar products available in retail, online, and bulk. With pre-spring e-commerce sales up 416% this year, and a consecutive three-year overall company growth of 300% year-over-year, the merger will accelerate growth and create even stronger market positioning.

“In such a rapidly expanding industry, it’s evident that combining the strengths of TBC and BSI into one coordinated effort uniquely positions us for continued growth and impact—we couldn’t be more excited. The merger opens new doors for both teams to develop more effective products, hone in on market-driven services, and create powerful brand experiences,” says Morgan Williams, now head of research and development and a company board member. “BSI and TBC share the common goal to deliver carbon negative solutions to the world advancing us in our finalist position to win Sir Richard Branson’s $25 million Virgin Earth Challenge.”

Wallin is equally enthused noting that “joining with an organization that has successfully pioneered work in industry market development, especially so in soil reclamation work, will strengthen our company’s ability to serve the needs of our ever-expanding suite of clients.” Additionally, Wallin continues “the merger is naturally symbiotic by combining TBC’s social impact drivers, Biochar Bob and The Biochar Alliance, with BSI’s position in the Virgin Earth Challenge—we’re on the edge of our seats every day.”

Over the past seven years, TBC’s umbrella of companies have had many successes including launching biochar projects from Hawaii to Canada to the continental U.S. Now, with the joining of BSI, the list of successes is highlighted by the first carbon negative biochar mine reclamation project in the world with the U.S. Forest Service in Colorado. TBC’s Soil Reef products are sold in Whole Foods Markets, in regional garden centers, is a leading e-commerce brand, and is used in the largest organic rooftop garden in the U.S., the Brooklyn Grange.

Biochar Stoves in Costa Rica with SeaChar’s Estufa Finca project

Ah Costa Rica. I love Costa Rica. My senior year in High School I had to get out of the classroom and experience a different part of the world. Where there’s a will there’s a way and that May I found myself on a plane to work on a permaculture farm in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in Costa Rica! What an amazing experience! I remember waking up in my hut every morning to a hummingbird above me and would look over the jungle in the valley and soak in the biodiversity!

I was so inspired by that trip – I saw permaculture work on a large scale, and lived IN it. I carry that experience with me in my current efforts to share the story of sustainability. The last thing I did on the farm before leaving was, I bet you already guessed it, taught them about biochar—because how could I not, honestly.

When I learned that Art Donnelly and his Seattle-based biochar non-profit SeaChar had a project called Estufa Finca in that very same town, it seemed like the stars had aligned. Recently I’ve come to learn that that same farmer maybe be one of Costa Rica’s first Biochar Ambassadors! I guess I was Biochar Bob before I was… Biochar Bob, haha.

Some background:

Situation: Half of the world’s population cooks on an open fire.

Problem: Close to 2 million people die annually from smoke related diseases, mainly women and children.

Situation: Every year, worldwide, soil degradation wipes out an area three times the size of Switzerland.

Problem: As soil fertility is lost worldwide, the crippling grip of chemical dependence in agriculture not only threatens the profitability of farmers, but also the health of entire ecosystems.

Solution: SeaChar and its partners in Costa Rica have introduced an easy-to-implement and sustainable solution by empowering local women to produce biochar while cooking a meal from responsibly sourced material!

By using cookstoves, Art Donnelly and his crew are equipping households with the tools necessary to produce their own biochar and create more energy independence. With Costa Rica holding its crown as the largest fertilizer user in Central America, the need for fertility is drastic.

A common topic of this year’s Biochar Symposium was the idea of distributive production of biochar, as well as the opportunity to create a biochar movement in a place with less bureaucratic hoops to jump through. I believe that by empowering individuals to create a shift in culture toward a more sustainable lifestyle that directly addresses some of the nation’s greatest challenges, the Estufa Finca project is an opportunity to become a powerful exemplification of what biochar truly can accomplish.

I have started an IndieGoGo page so I can travel out to Art and the gang to share this story—it’s one well worth telling. Adam Wisneski (he did Obama’s campaign films) has agreed agree to produce the film at a large discount because he believes in this so much!! Let’s give the world this amazing story that shows biochar for what it can truly accomplish.

Thank you! And be cool to the planet.