Soil Reef Pure Biochar is a premium quality biochar soil enhancement made in the U.S.A. from sustainably produced wood waste and forest residue.

At $49.00, including free shipping, our product is an unbeatable $2.72 per pound and a great value for a premium all biochar product. Approximate shipping weight is +/- 18 lbs.

A one (1) cubic foot bag of Soil Reef treats up to 48 sq. ft. of garden space. Or mix in your containers, at approximately 3% to 8% by volume of biochar to soil.

  • Our biochar’s particle size is 4mm and less, has a low dust fraction, and is delivered with high moisture content for safety and ease of application.
  • Soil Reef Pure Biochar enhances the productivity of soil and soilless media by acting as a sponge to absorb and release nutrients and water. Soil Reef is useful with manures and composting as well. Feed the soil, and let the soil feed your plants.
  • Because biochar holds onto nutrients, you will want to “pre-charge” your biochar by inoculating it with compost for two weeks first – mixing the biochar with compost and letting them sit, covered, for two weeks.
  • If you do not have your own compost, try Soil Reef’s Gardeners Blend, which is pre-inoculated with compost, worm castings and kelp meal as a ready-to-use product.
Weight 18 lbs