The Weekly Roundup: Biochar is Winning!

There’s always somethin’ brewin’ in the world of biochar, but this has been an especially productive week!

First up, we have The ConocoPhillips Energy Prize, which recognizes new ideas and original, feasible solutions in three areas that can help improve the way the U.S. develops and uses energy: developing new energy sources, improving energy efficiency and combating climate change. The awards ceremony was held at Penn State University (Go State!) and we’re thrilled that the first runner up is Ason Aramburu, founder and CEO of re:char. Re:char manufactures small kilns to locally manufactured biochar on farms in Kenya. If you’d like to learn more, here ya go.

In other exciting news, we have Renewable Energy World asking the same question we ask ourselves: how do we commercialize biochar and spread the good word on its gazillion soil benefits AND climate change super powers? No, really! More people need to learn that biochar even exists. If anyone has this answer, please contact us ASAP. And, of course, you can read the full article right here.

Last but not least, there’s us – The EcoTechnologies Group team. We got together last week and had a fireside chat with Sanga Moses. The night with Sanga was truly moving and educational, from hearing his personal story about leaving the big city to help his native village in Uganda to learning about the energy and farming challenges in Africa and how difficult they are to overcome. It’s a story the world needs to hear – and we’re going to tell it! Stay tuned for Sanga’s story next week!


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