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#MySoilReef + The Virgin Earth Challenge = YOU Creating IMPACT!

Photo courtesy of the Virgin Earth Challenge

We believe that deep down, everyone wants to make a difference; they want to be a part of something great; and they want to share their success with others.

In 2007, Sir Richard Branson set out to make a difference by establishing the Virgin Earth Challenge - a $25 million innovation prize for sustainable and scalable solutions to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

In response, Virgin received over 10,000 submissions from around the world. The list was cut to 2,600, then to 100, and ultimately to11 finalists that showed strong potential to meet the prize's tough criteria in the not too distant future. One of the pioneering finalists - The Biochar Company, creators of Soil Reef.

How does this impact you?

It's going to take a lot of work achieve a stable climate system with healthy soil, oceans and air. Many scenarios that seek to avoid +2°C warming by the end of the century not only require ever deeper and faster cuts in emissions, but also the removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Plus, in the last 100 years we have lost half of the world's topsoil and shifted to practices that often put short-term growth before long-term cost. While it takes approximately 500 years to create one inch of topsoil, with Soil Reef biochar, we can build healthy soil in much less time.

This is where you come in.

Every bag of Soil Reef biochar that you put into the ground makes a difference - it can be part of the solution, and together we can show just how much of a solution it can be. From coast to coast and continent to continent together we are building a Soil Reef around the world that can sequester carbon and build rich, fertile soils for years to come.

The #MySoilReef campaign connects the achievements of all pioneers - sharing our photos, stories and, importantly, collecting data from using Soil Reef products in our gardens and farms, whether on Main Street USA or in a village in Africa or Central America.

#MySoilReef is a global community of people working together to address the world's grandest challenges, including the Virgin Earth Challenge's goal.

Join us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube with #MySoilReef and be the change you wish to see in the world.