What is Albedo and How Does Biochar Help?

Hello fellow biochar fans. Here’s this week’s roundup of biochar related news.

What is Albedo and How Does Biochar Help?

Here’s a new word for your vocabulary: albedo. When light hits any surface, it is reflected. White snow has a high albedo ratio which is why sunglasses are key in polar climates. The ground can be just as bright as the sky. What does this have to do with biochar?

An Italian team running tests have uncovered evidence of decreased albedo of wheat plots in Tuscany by as much as 80%. This is great news because the albedo ratio can be correlated to global climate changes. Give this article a read and impress your friends with your newly increased vocabulary.

Biochar Usage Being Studied on a Small Scale

Ever wonder how many small-time gardeners are using biochar? Apparently the Sonoma Biochar Initiative is very interested in how popular biochar is among regular citizens. In fact, they’ve just launched the SBI Biochar Citizen Science Project. It’s designed to gather information about local gardeners who use biochar on a regular basis. The study is looking for participants to help gather data on biochar usage on small scale. If you are interested in becoming a participant, head over to their site and follow up there.

Thanks for your orders!

The demand for biochar is making itself more obvious as people around the world are discovering its amazing properties. We have been receiving a steady supply of orders and wanted to thank our customers for their support in both the environment and our vision for the future. Don’t forget you can purchase biochar from our website and we are offering free shipping to the United States. Head over to our store to pick up a bucket and let us know your progress by tweeting @SoilReefBiochar.

That’s all for this week. Happy growing, everyone!

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