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Soil Reef™ PURE Biochar is a premium quality biochar soil enhancement made in the U.S.A. from sustainably produced wood waste and forest residue.  Our biochar’s particle size is 4mm and less, has a low dust fraction, and is delivered with high moisture content for safety and ease of application.  Approximate shipping weight is +/- 9 lbs.


Biochar holds onto nutrients in the soil.  It is best to add the biochar “fully charged” by inoculating it, so that it is adding to the total nutrient quotient of the soil. The easiest way to inoculate is to blend biochar with a quality compost in a 50/50 ratio, then let it “age” for at least two weeks under cover. This primes the now “blended” biochar with the nutrients and microbes released from the compost.


Soil Reef™ PURE Biochar is and will be used in in a range of applications beyond its use as a soil amendment.  Use in remediation, offsets, building material, “engineered” composites and filtration to name a few.  These applications can get very technical and may require certain biochar properties.


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